Who was born in Enfield in 1821?

To get an idea who might have been born in Enfield the year it was created, we looked at the 1850 census — the first United States census that listed all members of each household, not just the head of household – and chose Enfield residents who were listed as age 29, so, presumably, born in 1821. Friend of Enfield and Hector History Bob Wixom then researched those residents, and discovered some of them were born in 1821 and some were not; some were born in Enfield and some were not. They provide an varied and interesting view of early life here.

Jonathan Auble

Jane Dey Johnson Bostwick

Abram Bragaw

William Chase

Charles Compton

Clarissa Cowen

Mary Lovell Georgia

Calista Godding

Mary Odell Head

Samuel Holmes

Eliza Lancaster

Ann Lanning

Sarah Ann Longcoy

Priscilla Smith Lyon

Lavina Horton Marshall

Freelove Carman Rolfe

Julia Rumsey

Myron Augustin Sexton

Lydia Sherer

Nelson Updike

John Van Dorn

John and Caroline Willis

Mary Wood

Orsemus Wortman

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