New Building Campaign


Rendering of the new Enfield Community Center


Are you ready for a new Enfield Community Center?

A project of the Enfield Community Council


How Will A Community Center Benefit Enfield?

Enfield is a diverse community in need of an inspiring space to gather that allows for a continuous exchange of our common and diverse interests and ideas. The new Community Center will allow the Enfield Community Council to broaden its support of the relationships of residents and organizations in Enfield, realizing that our success as a community relies upon nurturing our interdependence. Our goal is an enduring community of people who know one another, feel connected, and have a space to learn, grow, and enjoy those relationships.

In order to encourage continued growth of our community relationships, it’s our goal to create a physical space to share the energy that we currently have and to allow for future relationships to blossom. Through the new Enfield Community Center, we hope to provide the following and much, much more:

    • A place for residents to discuss and tackle shared problems and create possibilities for collective action, strengthening the social structure of our neighborhood.
    • A larger public meeting space for activities and events that draw our different cultural and creative talents into one place to share with one another.
    • A space for education for youth to seniors, and everyone in between, for workshops, fitness, education, digital connectivity, small business start-ups, and community action.
    • A certified kitchen for family and social events as well as small business endeavors.
    • Space for programming such as scouting, community meetings, and extra-curricular activities.
    • A safe and comfortable space for Enfield Summer Camp, which supports and reinforces the youth in our community.
    • Use of land adjacent to the Enfield Elementary School for the purpose of the Enfield Community Center would make use of tax exempt property and keep other lucrative land parcels from being removed from the local tax base.
How Will You Participate?

There are so many ways you can be a part of building the Enfield Community Center. Your skill, talent, experience, or interest in any aspect of completing this project – whatever your contribution- is valued and appreciated!

Know something about grant writing? Do you have experience with heavy equipment? Do you know how to use a hammer or have a desire to learn? Do you have time to make food for those who are working on the building? How about ideas for fundraisers or the ability to make a donation?

These are just some of the terrific ways you can participate in creating a real Community Center in the Town of Enfield.




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